A Day During The Election In India

Welcome to AnekRoop . Today I am going to share my life event . It is about election. A election day in India.
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election in india
election in india
A Day During The Election In India

India is the biggest democratic country in the world. In a democratic country, elections are of great importance. The government of a democratic country is formed of the people elected by the people . In India, general elections take place after every 5 years. Citizens above 18 years of age have rights to vote.

As a non party man, I wanted that all elections should be held in a fair and fearless atmosphere. I do not remember many things of the previous elections. But I can recall almost everything of the last general elections in our country. In my constituency there were 8 candidates in the field. The congress candidate was an ex-minister .The Communist Party and Aam Aadmi Party had set up a strong candidate. The fourth candidate belonged to the BJP and fifth to the Janta Dal.

Besides them, there were a few rebels of different parties seeking elections as independent candidates. The supporters of every candidate moved from door to door. Big guns of all the parties had visited the constituency and help several public meetings.

The election day drew nearer and nearer. Every arrangement for holding the election was made. Polling booths were set ready. Many cars and jeeps moved from one village to another. Every candidate was working very hard. The contest was keen. It was difficult to say who would win. Every candidate was highly resourceful. But the Congress and BJP candidate managed to steal the show at most of the places.

On the election day everything was peaceful in the beginning . But the rush of votes went on increasing. In the mean time some political parties tried to create trouble. So the voters became restless. Some of them ran away in fear. But the situation was controlled by the timely arrival of the police party. The polling of votes started, though some troublemakers were still active.

A very interesting feature of the election was that ladies were more active this time than ever before. Those women who generally lived within four walls of their houses were also seen at pooling booths.They awaited their turn for hours. The election, however, was over at 4 p.m.

The worst thing that we found in the election was the role of casteism. Political parties were responsible for the thing. It is , indeed, very harmful for the success of democracy. And the election scenes are as fresh in my mind even today as the music of the solitary reaper was in the heart of William Wordsworth.

" The music in my heart I bore
 Long after it was   heard no more."

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