Essay-Why Press Media News Channels Going Downward

Welcome to AnekRoop . Today we are going to discuss about Press Media . Why press media going downward in India.[
The topic contains :- Power of the Media, Need for its freedom , Obstacles to its freedom, Editors be free, Economic freedom of people, Conclusion.

media newschannel in india
media newschannel in india

Why Press Media News Channel Going Downward In India

By the word Media Press we mean newspapers and news channels. The media plays an important role in a democratic society. The power of the Media is great. Napoleon used to say, " Your hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets". The Media forms opinion. It creates movements and control policies. Even the most powerful government takes note of public opinion as reflected in a free Media Press.
A free Media , Press stands for a free people . A government may become irresponsible. But an independent Press, Media is a powerful check on its policies. Newspapers , News Channels are a source of publicity. They bring to the notice of the people acts of injustice done by the government. The newspapers criticise anti-people deeds of the administration. Thus they keep a constant watch on the rules of the nation.

These days it is difficult for the Press , Media to be free. The Media has to face lots of problems for maintaining its freedom. Newspapers today are under the control of some big businessmen. So they have to voice their views and serve their interests. Sometimes political parties run newspapers , news channels. Such news channels have to say what the parties think.

Sometimes the newspapers, news channels are under the control of the government. The freedom of the press media in each case is affected. In America the big newspapers are in the hands of the powerful financial syndicates. In England they are in the hands of capatalists. In Russia and China they are run by the governments.

The freedom of the Press Media depends upon the free functioning of the government. A government can function freely in a true democracy. At the same time the editors should be independent-minded. They should express their views freely and fearlessly to serve the interests of common people.

The Media Press can be free if people are free economically. It is said that there is no freedom of the Press in China , Syria and India. The reason is that the common people in these countries are not free economically. Governments are ruled by the power of money. The Press Media is controlled by big business houses. If people are free from want and from the fear of unemployment, they can be fearless critics of the government.

In fact, the government should try to keep the news channels , newspapers free. But the Media should not misuse its freedom. It must publish the news which is true. It should express public opinion. Only then a free Press , Media can serve the people best.

So, this is the detail about Indian News Channel and Newspaper. Hope it will help you. If you have any problem or want to say something then comment below.
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