What Is The Role Of Opposition Party In Democracy-Politics

Welcome to AnekRoop . Today we are going to discuss about the role of opposition party in democracy and politics.
The topic contains :- Meaning of democracy, Importance of democracy, Demerits of opposition and How opposition be effective.

role of opposition party in politics democracy
role of opposition party in politics democracy
What Is The Role Of Opposition Party In Democracy

There is a scope for debate and disagreement in democracy. But in India and some other countries the men in power criticise those who do not agree with them. The ruling party expects everyone to follow and support its policy without any murmur. It is said that people in power do not realise that such an attitude of intolerance of dissent is not good for the healthy   functioning of democracy. An effective , vigilant and working opposition is necessary for the health and efficiency of a democratic government.

An effective Opposition saves the country from disorder. If the party in power neglects public welfare, the votes can oust it and give power to the opposition. A conflict of ideas is better than a clash of arms. An effective Opposition is a safeguard against military coups. It offers a peaceful way of changing the government.

An effective opposition keeps the government alert and active . If there are well informed critics ready to expose the government, the government cannot be arbitrary. The Opposition brings to light the wrong done by the government. So the ruling party cannot afford to neglect its duties.

But the party system has one serious drawback. Generally, the opposition opposes the party in power. The opposition criticises even the good points of the party in power. Thus the public business suffers a lot and the larger interests of the nation are neglected. Sometimes the opposition looks at the thing of the national importance from the point of view of its own political considerations. When the opposition functions to serve its narrow interests, the public start losing faith in it.

The opposition must be a highly disciplined group. It must have a sense of responsibility and a desire to give topmost priority to public interests against personal or party interests. It must try to be responsible and healthy, only then it can prevent the ruling party from misusing its power.

The opposition must have a positive and and constructive approach to problems. Indian political parties sometimes act with vested interests. They believe in attacking the government in order to serve their own political purposes. Such an opposition has no meaning in democracy. We need a united, disciplined , principled opposition in India today to work as a vigilant watch-dog to the functioning of democracy. We hope the members of the opposition parties will realise their duties and responsibilities to the nation.

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