Application for the post of a Manager

application for manager job
application for manager job 

Application for the post of a Manager

                                                                                                          3/8, Khushi Bhawan,
                                                                                                                Asaf Ali Road,
                                                                                                                New Delhi -5
                                                                                                                5th Sept., 2018

To ,
The Managing Director 
Goyal Glass Works,

Sub:-  For the post of a Manager

Dear Sir,
               It is learnt from knowledgeable sources that you are in need of an experienced manager for your firm. Would you kindly consider the following details regarding my qualifications, age and experience being furnished to you.

Age : 26 years


i) M.S.W. ( Master of Social Work ) form the University of Agra in 2009 with high Second Class.

ii) Diploma in Business Administration from the Institute of Business Management, Ahmedabad in 2012 getting 1st position in the Institute.

iii) Correspondence course of the London School of Commerce awarding a certificate in Business Administration.

Experience :

i) I have been working as Assistant Manager, Suneja and Co. Pratap Pura Agra, since July 2013, the main duties comprising , control over all matters pertaining to correspondence, finance, accounts and general administration.

ii)  I also lookafter my father's business, I am familiar with modern methods of advertising and publicity , marketing and salesmanship and have attended, on my father's behalf, meetings of business executives of various firms, organised by the city branch of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

I hope that my qualification and experience will evidently meet your requirements and you will be kind enough to grant me an opportunity to demonstrate my grit and mettle as a Manager of your firm.

                                                                                                                              L. M. Mahesh


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