How To Write Letter To Friend

How To Write Letter To Friend


letter to friend
letter to friend


Letter To Friend-  A SIMPLE LETTER

Dear Ravi,

    It is long since I heard from you. I hope you are enjoying the best of your health. Kindly remember your friend by immediately responding to my letters.
    I heard about promotion from a friend of mine, who lives in Delhi in the same locality in which you live, but whom you, by the way, do not know. I congratulate you upon your having secured promotion so early.
    You will be glad to know that both Suresh and I have passed the B.A Examination in the first division. Suresh secured distinction marks in two subjects, while I earned distinction only in onesubject. Raman and Bahadur have failed as expected. Raman intends to leave the college and join his father's business. Bahadur will try once more. I propose to join M.A in Political Science as it is supposed to be the most paying subject for administrative services examinations.

    Here are getting on with your job at Delhi ? We hope you often remember us. It must be very hot at Delhi as it is very hot here at Agra. I propose to go to a hill station sometime during this summer. If you wish you may write to me. You may also accompany me.

    Rest is all fine. With best wishes.

     Yours ever,


Dear Saran,

     You will be glad to know that on twenty fifth November I am going to be married with Shashi. As you must be knowing, Shashi has been my class fellow right from B.A. Pt. 1 to M.A. final. By happy coincidence, we happened to have a taste for the same subject, English Literature. It was during our study period that we developed a liking for each other, which indeed culminated in my proposing to her to be my life-partner, to which she readily agreed. Shashi is the only daughter of Mr. Rakesh Bhatnagar I.A.S. at present posted at Bhiwani.

     It is my earnest request to you to be present at this happy occasion. I know that you are a busy man, yet I would request you to spare a day for me. My parents are also very keen to see you present on the occasion. Please don't forget to bring Bhabhiji with you.

     No more today. More when we meet.

     My Namaskar to Bhabhiji and best love to you.

       Yours ever,



Dear Manoj,

    I haven't heard anything from you for long. What keeps you so busy? You will be glad to know that my younger sister Mohini is going to be married to Promod, the younger brother of Hari Shankar I.P.S.The marriage ceremony is scheduled to be solemnized on 15.12.2019. You are to be present at our place on that date. My mother joins me in making this request to you. Hope you won't disappoint us.
    I hope you are going on well with your job now-a-days. I am having God's grace in business.
    Please let me know when and by which train you propose to proceed.
    With my best love,

          Yours ever,



My dear Shankara,

   The bearer of this letter, Mr. Shiv Kumar, is the son of my friend Mr. Ranjan. He is coming to Allahabad in connection with P.C.S. competitive examination which is scheduled to commence on 30th December, 2002 and will last for a fortnight. As he had no arrangements of his own to stay at Allahabad. I suggested to him to stay with you for this period. Mr. Shiv Kumar is a fine young man with sober habits with a special characteristic of being able to adjust in any situation. I am sure you will like Mr. Shiv Kumar and will be able to arrange for some suitable accomodation for him for this short period. Any other assistance you render him will be deemeda personal favour to me.

   I am glad enough to hear that the books written by you are becoming increasingly popular. The other day, while strolling along the road in the bazar I happened to see attractive title cover of a book. Not being able to resist myself I went to the bookshop and asked the book seller what that book was about. Without mentioning the subject of the book the book seller put the book out on the counter. I was delighted to see that the book had been written by you. I was told that it was the book on bank recruitment tests which had out-done others. You deserve heartly congratulations on this happy success.

   Mama remembers her uncle and auntie very much.

   Yours as ever,



Dear Mrs. Devendra Singh,

    It is only yesterday that I received a letter from Munish, through which I came to know that you have appointed him Office Assistant in your firm. I am indeed very much thankful to you for this gesture of help to my friend's son, Munish. He is a man of the confidence and trust, I am hopeful he will be successful in his job and will really come upto your expectations.
    Thanking you once again for the kind favour.

       Yours sincerely,



Dear Aditya,

    I hope this finds you in the best of your health and spirit. I am extremely sorry not to be able to meet you last evening at the Rotary Club building as we had decided earlier. You must have taken it ill. But I was helpless due to unavoidable circumstances. Please accept my sincerest apology for it.
    I am sure you will make it convenient to see me once before you leave for home. Please excuse me for the inconvenience caused to you.

    With best wishes and kind regards,

     Yours sincerely,



Dear Gopalan,

    I was highly shocked to here that you met with a serious scooter accident. Thank God you were saved. Your serious condition, however, has caused serious concern here. I would soon be becoming to be by you bed. It is some consolation that Minu is with you and taking proper care of you. She is very good at nursing and her jovial temperament would help in your early recovery.

    I hope your father must have been informed of the accident. It would, however, take him a few days to come from Calcutta because through trains to Calcutta have been suspended following incessant rains which have caused breaches on the track at several places.

    You have not to worry at all because very soon I shall there at your disposal.

    Praying for your speedy recovery.

      Yours truely,


Dear Hitendra,

   It is through Ramesh that I came to know about your illness. It is strange that you have been suffering from typhoid for a fortnight. But you didn't post even a single letter to me. We were under the impression that you had gone to Bombay with your uncle as you told us earlier. It is very sad indeed that your programme of accompanying your uncle to Bombay could not materialise and you were suddenly taken ill. I wish you a speedy recovery.

   Please do take strict precautions in this illness, for prevention is better than cure. The slightest deviation from the doctor's advice may prolong illness. Please do not touch solid food until you are completely relieved of fever. But please do not worry. Typhoid fever goes after a definite duration.
   Suresh, Narinder and Bhola would soon be coming to see you. May God help you to recover
fully by that time and we would take you to see the pictures.

   Once again wishing you speedy recovery.
   Kindly yours,


Dear Sunil,

    It is almost three months since we parted and I haven't heard anything from you. It appears you have forgotten me. I hope you are keeping good health by the grace of Almighty.

    You will be pleased to know that it is proposed to form a Holiday Party to a hill station for 10 days and I have been nominated as one of the organisers. Our examinations are now over and the results has been announced. By the grace of God I have secured first position in the class. Soon it is going to be very hot and in my opinion a trip to a hill station will provide us with ample diversion and will certainly be beneficial to health.

    We propose to proceed to Mussorie which is regarded as the queen of hill station in North India. We wish to catch the Mussorie Express on the night of 25th of May. We have already got a lodging booked for a fortnight. We propose to visit all important places. The inclusion of five girls in our party will provide an added charm to the trip. We have also got certain singers in our party. We have also arranged for a movie camera for filming certain important aspects of life at Mussories.

    I am very much keen to have you in our company and hope you won't disappoint me. Please intimate me with the date on which you are leaving for Delhi. Please also let me know by what train you are coming so that I may receive you at the station.

    With best wishes,
   Yours sincerely,


Dear Jagat,

    It is a long time since I received a letter from you. Earlier you had promised to write letters frequently. I do not know what prevents you from writing letters to me. I wrote you one letter earlier also. But I didn't receive a reply. It has hurt my feelings to know that you have perhaps become so indifferent towards me. In the materialistic world of today, true friendship is a rare phenomenon, but in our case I never thought on these lines. But because of not receiving any response from you doubts are turned into realistic and I am faced with the despair of having lost a friend. Would you please still not reply to my letter ?

    In Mumbai where you are living now-a-days it must be quite warm because of the sea. But in northern India winter is approaching. We in Delhi are greeting the approach of winter with great joy. The monotony of incessantly occurring rains now begins to evaporate. Life takes a colourful and charming turn. Now-a-days we are enjoying long Deepawali holidays. Private houses and public buildings in the city are being white washed. Everything all around looks clean and beautiful. Children have already stored toy explosives which are awaiting being cracked on the day of festival.

    How are you getting on with your job at Mumbai ? I would like you to come to Delhi and spend some jolly days with me. Dear Mahesh, I feel so lonely without you that I can hardly express it. I am left with no company at all. Yo might be coming into contact with actors and actresses at  Mumbai. Please do come to Delhi and observe the life of the capital in all its diversity. Please excuse me for writing something crisp in the first paragraph of this letter. That was out of love for you, which you will perhaps appreciate.

   With best wishes,
     Yours ever,


Dear Suresh,

    It is since long that I haven't heard any thing from you. I hope you are enjoying the best of your health and carrying on your job well.

    I am directing my son Pushpendra to you. He has passed his B. Sc. (Biology) this year. I need your advice regarding his future career. My business is going on pretty well and he could easily be absorbed in it. But I don't want to impose my wish or choice upon him, particularly in this matter.

    In order to make your task easier I may let you know that his preference is to do his post-graduation in Botany. Another friend of mine had suggested to me that it would be better for Pushpendra to go in for some medical degree because doctors not only have a lucrative business these days, but also they have a wide field for serving humanity. With these two alternatives before me I could not give a final word of advice.

    Would you mind the trouble of giving your valuable advice in this connection ? Kindly question Pushpendra about other preferences gathered a lot of experience about you, I think you are the fittest person to guide Pushpendra regarding his future career.
    Rest is all fine. With love to children.
   Yours sincerely,

Thank You.

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