Circular Letter Format & Example

Circular Letter Format & Example



    Rajneesh Printing Press is a Modern Printing Press equipped with the latest printing machines and employing the latest printing techniques. The Press is functioning under the supervision of a highly experienced staff.

    Rajneesh Printing Press is a stupendous affair as regards its capacity of turning out work in substantial quantity. Those who are disappointed in publication business because of delay caused by ordinary presses in printing will find the Rajneesh Printing Press a boon and they can enter the business with new vigour, confidence and gusto.
    Its capacity of work apart, Rajnessh's principal motto is quality, neatness and speed but above all your satisfaction.

    Printing charges are accommodative and attractive.

    The Rajneesh look forward to meeting you or your representative at 24 Bag Muzaffar Khan, near Pili Kothi, Agra any day between 10-00 a.m. and 5-00 p.m. except on Tuesdays.

circular letter
circular letter


                           UPKAR PRAKASHAN




Dear Sirs,

     We have pleasure in announcing that our new publication 'A Fresh Approach to General English' has brought out and is out for sale.

     Written by Messrs Jain & Gupta, the book is a comprehensive guide in General English. It  will prove immensely useful to those who are deficient in the use of the language. The book commands a wide variety of topics ranging from the enunciation of simple rules of grammar in the simplest way possible to the explanation of the complicated and subtle nuances in the meaning of different words. The book promises to be a boon especially to those candidates who for  various reasons could not make a mark in their regular academic career.

     As soon as the book appeared in the local market, it aroused the curiosity of candidates, particularly of those wishing to appear at different competitive examinations, for the title of  the book itself was self explanatory and promised to give what they actually needed. Hope the book will be able to create the same interest among the students in your market too.
     The book has been printed on fine white paper and is priced at Rs. 120 only.
     Our terms for sale are:

     1 to 100 copies                            30%
   100 to 250 copies                            33%
   251 copies and more                          35%

     We may also add that our next publication 'An Encyclopedia of General Knowledge' is soon to be out for sale. Written by K.B. Gupta and a host of prominent writers in the field, the book will meet the long felt need for a book of this type in Hindi. The title with contents will soon be made available to you.

     Meanwhile, we await your esteemed orders which you will very kindly favour us with.


    Yours faithfully,
  for Upkar Prakashan......

                 ARRIVAL OF NEW GOODS 

                                  UNIVERSAL TRADERS





Dear Sir,

    We are grateful to you for your consistent and kind co-operation and accommodation in the past and hope to receive the same in the future.

    We have pleasure in informing you that fresh stocks of terelene and tericot garments have arrived. Since the stocks are limited, our customers have to hurry up to take advantage of the choice offered at present.

    Your firm has always been kind to us in purchasing goods from us for a number of years. We also assure that we do our best to satisfy our customers. Universal Traders have earned a reputation for their honest and fair dealings which, of course, we wish to maintain forever.

    Meanwhile, we assure you of our best service and co-operation and look forward to your kind visit to us at the earliest to have a look at the goods now received.

    Thanking you.

    Yours faithfully,
   for Universal Traders,


                                   RANA MEDICAL STORES
                                       Chowk Bazar,



    We are glad to announce that the construction of our building for housing a branch of our Medical Stores in Chowk Bazar is almost nearing completion. It will not take more than a week for it to be fully equipped with all types of allopathic drugs and medicines. We also propose to offer dispensing service.

    Our reputation in this branch is not a hidden fact to any body. Our quick service, honest dealing and charging reasonable rates have earned us a name in the city which has encouraged us to open a new branch in Chowk Bazar where hitherto not a single shop of chemists and druggists was to be seen. The residents of that area had to trudge up and down a long distance to Moti Bazar if they had to purchase a single small item. They won't have to do it now.

    We have appointed Mr. L.K. Ganguli incharge of our new establishment. Mr. Ganguli is an efficient manager having put in at least fifteen years of service in this branch and commanding love and respect for his sweet temperament, sympathetic speech and solicitous manners.

    If you are really interested in quality and reasonable price, please do come to us and see for yourselves how everything is done to satisfy our customers.
       Yours faithfully,
    for Rana Medical Stores.


                                     BHASIN & CO.

                        (Manufacturers and Suppliers of Furniture Goods)



Dear Sirs,

     You might be aware that India 2023 Trade Fair is going to be held in New Delhi from 15 November to 25 December.
     The Fair is going to be organised under the auspices of the Ministry of Trade and Industry, Government of India, and thanks to the phenomenal success made by India in the field of industry, it is going to be one of the biggest fairs ever held in India. What adds attraction to the Fair is the fact that at least two scores of countries are going to participate in it.

     As is customary with us, we have all along been interested in fairs and exhibitions and have been purchasing stalls for the display of the latest varieties and fashions of our goods. Our stall in the India 2023 Trade Fair happens to be just a few steps from the entrance gate.

     Kindly do pay a visit to us and have a look at the latest models of our goods which will be new attractions for your home.

     Thanking you.
   Yours faithfully,
   for Bhasin & Co.


                                JANATA TRADERS

Ref. No.......


Dear Sirs,

        I wish to retire from business with effect from 20th of this month and want to spend the remaining years of my life at my farm in the village.

        I have already disposed of all my articles and machinery except a few ones which are still lying with me. I wish to dispose of them too against case. Since you have always prepared to buy goods from me. I would suggest to you to buy the remaining articles from me. I would be pleased to allow to you the most profitable discount which I hope you won't miss.

        I shall always have been remembering with pleasure our friendly relations we enjoyed for the last so many years and I heartly wish your excellent progress in your business.

  Yours faithfully,

  Ravi Kapoor
  (Proprietor, Janata Traders)

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